The Engineering Guild is BACK!

Visit us at our new home.

To all Cyrodiil Upgrade Users

(Eg Kvatch Aftermath fans, Origin of the Mages Guild fans, The Elder Council fans etc etc)

If you have never been to the Enginneering guild I can promise you all your Cyrodiil Upgrade mods are VERY outdated now. So you might want to check out my YouTube Page and see what you missed. I do not advertise or allow others to advert the guild within the Elder Scrolls community anymore because of the trolls that exist there. So it is unlikely you will hear anything about us on any other Elder Scrolls site. My chosen methods of advising these days include Youtube and Google and of course this page. And this page is not updated very often.

So google for news, use youtube or visite the The Engineering Guild directly.

In the mean time, let me introduce you to the new king of Kvatch Mods, Kvatch Rising, available only from the Guild.

PS V1.3 is actually an old version now :)